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понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.


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  1. Hello. This video very well will suit those who is deepened studies English. This examination though very expensive but costs the expenses as during the obtaining the diploma, passings an examination there will be a rare possibility to enter the institute the English-speaking countries. Thanks to me very much was pleasant to video. Osintsev E. 224th group.

  2. This interesting video. I am very glad that before us new possibilities open. Poteeva.E. 224th group.

  3. It's interesting how there was the fate of the participants who successfully passed this exam? This is a very good opportunity to improve their knowledge of language. And now I understand that there is something to strive for. I need to require more effort from myself because knowledge of English opens wide horizons.

  4. I saw my familiar here)) I think that exam is very difficult for usual students. Buuuut... It's very important for some people, who wants study in a London, the USA and etc. As for me I want live in Graz (Austria). So I need to know German perfectly)) So that)

    cya, Amara)

  5. I like it. Now I see a perfect reason to study English and foreign languages at all. It's very useful!

  6. good video, but I would still not decided on the change of the exam. But for prospective students is a good way to further organize your life.

  7. The introduction of English in principle a good idea. if you know the language that may not be any work to pass this exam.

  8. excellent video, with this examination students have great opportunities in the future. As to me, I had possibility to pass this examination, but I refused. Kate Belonogova 115 group

  9. I very much liked video, informatively. This video will be interestingly for those who wants to connect the further activity with work abroad. Grokholsky Anna 224th group.

  10. Cool! We consider that it is a good idea for our region. It is "a ticket in the future" for the student. We hope that this idea don`t last.
    P.S. WE WANT a credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!


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